YGK ism

Continuing to build Japan.

Philosophy alone does not allow evolution.
Theory alone does not lead to growth.
Technology is necessary to bring people's ideals and
fantasies to life and make them practical for everyday use.

Japan has been at the forefront of manufacturing,
with "Made in Japan" attracting global attention.

What has happened to it in the 21st century?

Does Japanese technology lead the world?
Does Japanese manufacturing inspire the world?

At YGK, we remain committed to Japanese craftsmanship.

Superior quality that ensures a high level of reliability.
Advanced technical capabilities that bring to life
ground-breaking ideas that amaze the world.
This is not the time to let the potential of "Made in Japan" lay dormant.

YGK is constantly evolving its technology and production systems
and hopes to advance the fishing industry
and Japanese manufacturing further with products unique to YGK.

With an eye to the future, YGK will continue manufacturing high-quality products that only Japan can offer.
And with its technology and corporate capabilities,
it will support the growth of Japanese industries and promote them to the rest of the world.

That is YGK’s mission.




YGK’s Craftsmanship

As a professional in fishing line manufacturing,
we never disappoint anglers.
To this end, we learn from the past,
improve our present, and take on the future.

The foundation of YGK's manufacturing
is to envision and shape the future of fishing.

Our Business

Our focus is not on market data
but on anglers and fishing grounds.
We will continue to be a manufacturer
of the best products for fishing.

We put the angler at the heart of our thinking
over product-oriented
manufacturing to deliver productsof high quality and performance.

Society and YGK

Eventually, our products end up as waste.
That is why we must act.

As a company responsible for the future,
we are actively involved in being eco-conscious on a global scale
and participating in and contributing to the local community.

YGK Story


Our desire to continue to produce lines that
the world needs has resulted in the world’s largest production system.